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Sunday, September 17, 2006

oh right

oh right, i forgot about the blog .... no i'm just boring. by the way, that weather chick thing is a bit crap but seriously, its to tell me wat the weather's doing, you know. oh i wish i was that hot. yeah. wooh. soooooo... right.... anyway. i'm a bit boring right now dont know wat to say. apparently though its good to just put thoughts on screen, whatever you're thinking right now. i'm thinking how boring i am. and oh i'm going to go on a contiki tour with kat. but apparently it's just a bunch of chicks out to get a root. and hardly any guys. and well that's not a prob for kat cuz she's incredibly hot, but waht about me? i really dont wanna be taht chick left in the corner. well i wont' go any further, but i really want to have a fun time and so i'll just have to keep thinking about it i think.
so 'bootmen' is on right now. oh so manly tapdancing at a steelworks factory. good old aussie movie, but adam garcia is kinda cute :p
wat else.... beth broke up with her boyf and she's all depressed. maybe it's made me a little depressed. so i saw a psychic a few months back and she told me i'm really sensitive, like to how everyone feels. and i already know that i guess. so to hear beth's depression talk made me super sad. work tomorrow, day off. but i get overtime so that's all good. but thinking of the eagles winning makes me feel better! although it's kinda sour i guess cuz i really like the bulldogs, i've been tipping them all year, but i feel like every time i tipped them they lost!!! how did they ever get into the finals??? i wish i could go home right now. it would be excellent. but i'm glad i was here this weekend. went to an awesome party friday night was a ton of fun. kate's bro angus' bday and heaps of ppl i'd met through kate that i never see. normally i feel like they're jsut being nice, but this time felt really good to be there! and rich (cuz) was there too, came back from perth for a bit and going up to qld for work or someting. so kate was stoked. haven't seen him in a while. they did a bench press comp at the height of drunkenness and apparently rich is the reigning champ! go cuz! apparently hav to press like 35 of something.... i dunno how much they were lifting. there was a 10 at least and 2 others on each side. and the most anyone did was 11 i think. i hate bench pressing cuz the bar goes all wobbly above me and i can't hold it straight, even if its' not heavy. i'm a little unco sometimes. so the rest of the party was good, even being groped all night by chucky, but that was just funny because he was so fucking drunk and kept asking me to go out the back to root behind the shed. nice. so many propositions to turn down, so little time :) if only tapdancing adam garcia propositioned me. ah-ha!

god, how boring am i???? oh on saturday went to work, couldn't fuckin get in cuz i had no key. so i buzzed the intercom and some chick from the first level answered. she woudln't let me in. i nkow i'm a bit dodgy and all, but for fuck sake, i hav a key to my level, not the building. fuck. so had no phone, no money, severely hung over and seedy as a mofo. had to find a phone so found the tanning salon open, this blonde bimbo slut chick there ( shouldn't say that, she was lovely and thought i was a weirdo) and managed to get her to use the phone to call directory assistance to find ACC's phone number, but it's not listed apparently. so i fuckin sat there going "what to do???" brainwave - call 7!!! the blonde bimbo slut chick sits there goes... "um.... what number? you need a number..." i'm like "umm... no. just call switchboard and ask for captions" she looked at me like i had an alien coming out my left nostril. so i took teh phone from her, got someone at 7 and they put me straight through, got rob and he rescued me from downstairs! lucky he was even there because he shouldn't have been. offline should ahve been there but some chick just decided not to turn up. so.... results - i need a key and i need the alarm code, because apparently i don't have one. so even if i did have a key, i would still set the alarm off. yay. i love alarms. lex broke our fire alarm... so that doesn't even work.

right. so its' sunday, and that means ramble day. but i've rambled enough; god knows its even babble.... no what's even more better than that/?? WAFFLING!! i love waffles. mm. waffles.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

my team lost :(

im miserable... the eagles lost. i'm absolutely devastated. after a fantastic week at work (can you read the sarcasm in that sentence? if you can't, then... do it) it just put the biggest downer on everything. they lost by 1 point to sydney. fucking sydney. i hate them so much. almost as much as collingwood. i'm not sure why i hate collingwood so much. actually i should probly hate sydney cuz they won the grand final last year against the eagles. okay. so i hate sydney more. but the only reason i hate sydney more is cuz of barry hall... and the whole GF thing. okay. anyway, it was an excellent game at subi, but they lost. its all down to collingwood and bulldogs now. fucking collingwood i hate them. but i guess one good thing is that there's 2 games next week in perth! wish i was there. i did see a bunch of friends on tv though at the game! one of the boys was trying to use his phone and you could see him mouth "it's not fucking working"!! made me laugh.

so everyone's been asking how i was after monday night's extra-violent rant. yeh, i'm fine! a few deaths in the news made everything that much more exciting. sad, but exciting. oh, and some more extra-violent ranting happened on thursday night at gin palace! i had such a great moment - thanks to caitlin and susan and juan pablo's mate - i think his name was oh.... dick face. that'll do. he rudely interrupted juan pablo's wonderful-ness (we could listen to him talk all day... even if it was just reading a shopping list - hey, caitlin!) anyway, dick face rudely interrupts and says "so, you girls are in the film industry, hey?" now since when did we mention that? i have no idea. anyway, we all look at each other... and "yeeeeesssss, we are in the film industry (now)!" giggle, giggle, giggle! then he decides to hurl abuse at us for the next 5+ minutes... causing me to snap. now those who know me know this doesn't happen,... like ever! (except monday, but that wasn't verbal, just written) so anyway, i snapped - hurling abuse right now and politely asking him to leave aurally like... "you, fuck off - fuck off now. get out of my face, fuck off. leave.... blah blah blah" something like that. it was actualy fun! i should do this more often. just randomly say things to people that they find offensive, or watev, and then abuse them. no wonder there's so many crazy ppl in the world. maybe i'm one of them! yaa-haaaaa! tee hee hee. anyway, then we went to HJs.

okay, so everything's back to normal, cya mondeee.

Monday, September 04, 2006

..bad, but not THAT bad!

okay, maybe i should rephrase that - "i was expecting my return to night shift to be bad... but not THAT bad!!" fuck me it was awful. i hate my job. i hate everything and i'm very fucking negative tonight so you can all just get the fuck out of my life. i'm starting over and you'll never see me again. the captioning world is a better place without me, let me assure you - especially after today.

i could go on and on, but what would be the point? noone really cares, anyway, do they? after all, everyone goes through this, right? they've either gone through it before, or i tel you what - if IT hasn't, watch the fuck out cuz IT is sneaking up behind you right now and IT is gonna king hit you - end of story. fuck IT. IT can get fucked. fuuuuuuuuuuck.

now i'm not the kind of person that stresses - ask anyone, i'm the most stress free person on earth. seriously. (10).. ahhh ha.. not funny. anyway, i dont stress. and i tell you what, the peeps at work saw a different side of me today. i dont know exactly what they think of me now, but i'm sure its not good. to anyone who witnesses, i'd like to apologise.... but i'm not going to. so i guess i woudln't like to apologise. i promise it won't happen again. well maybe. well fuck it i can assure you its going to happen again tomorrow. so ML when u return to work, kick my ass into line, will you? and never, ever, ever have another day off... so long as i'm there. oh and i guess it didn't help that steve irwin got stabbed by a stingray. man, it was pretty fucking awful. poor guy. wat about his kids? theyre so cute. did u know his daughter bindi has her own tv show? cool. anyway... that made everything so much worse. well actually i dont even think it was that. i just think it was because i've become so settled at work with LC on Sunrise that the way it works at nights is so fucking confusing to me that i really can't deal. so i was yelling all over the place. even offline went quiet. noisy fuckers. and this fuck-off banging on the table shits me to tears. fuck off with the bang. specially when its jsut the perth shift. why the fuck can't you hear me? what the fuck is wrong with you????? i'm dying for a "word" from someone. pleeeeze. and how the fuck do you expect me to check a tt story while i'm doing my updates which are going live and have a live x in them and i have no steno ??? excuse me, sorry for doing a shitty job. oh, and dont even talk to me about the spell check. LC, i did my best, but you'l find a few doozies tomorrow, trust me! its like someone is doing it deliberately jsut to fuck me off. so thats why i'm so fucked off right now.

so i finished at 9.30, walked my sorry ass home by 10.50pm and then made a bunch of pancakes and then i ate them. now i feel sick. and i'm ranting. maybe i feel sick because i've ranted so much. Or its the pancakes. who cares.

get fucked.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


okay so i wasn't just chatting up the metlink guy... honest.

no but right now i have to say i'm shitting myself a little about catching public transport in melbourne tomorrow afternoon, and forever and a day. i dont' really know where to go. i just rang them (them being metlink) to find out what the cheapest ticket would be, like a weekly thing because you know... dont wanna get ripped off right. so yeh... he's all like "if you get scared or confused or watever, don't hesitate to put us on your mobile and give us a call. also, there's panic buttons all over the train....." watever!!! can't be worse than perth, right? of course, i'm wasting my breath/finger typing speed talking/typing about pt in perth because unless you've ever lived there for a while (i'm not talking visiting or just tourist or watever) actually lived there - you just wouldn't understand. (man i hate it when someone says taht to me "you just wouldn't understand.." fuck off.

anyway, i'm not really stressed. although my mum is a bit. she's experienced perth pt not first hand, but through me and i think she thinks its the same. but honestly its not. apparently. i hope. i really really hope. so the plan is i'm walking to the train station near my house, ride to the city, then tram out to work. then go home at night in reverse. sounds simple. and at some stage work out which ticket - the daily or the weekly or the weekly daily or the daily weekly daily or the weeekly weekly saver daily cheaper ticket waily deekly.... arrrrr. (pirate talk) - that i will need to buy!!

man public transport rocks

oh... do i take an umbrella? i dont wanna get rained on. i've got a pretty little pink one i was given when i moved here. maybe i'll use that. yay. pink :)

now i'd like to say more but i can't be bothered/slightly hungover etc. over and out.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


i totally give up. i've been trying for ages to put other peeps blogs in there in the links bit in the template and it's just not working. so i give up.

(btw, if anyone knows of foolproof way to do this, plz let me know) luv lis

alright.. back again

now i'm editing this post because i've blogged and there's a couple of links! but alas..... they still don't work :(

bye again

okay final edit - my geeky housemate lex woke up from his drunkenness and fixed it for me. sorted. oh... and "someone" called in sick today at work and i got a txt from the boss asking if i wanted to work... not today, sorry!!! hope you okay M!

back again, again..... in regard to that last bit of the post, lex isn't really a geek. i'm just jealous because he knows more about computers than i do. he's really very, very cool.... in fact right now he's rhyming at the top of his lungs and the neighbours love it.

luv lis