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Saturday, September 02, 2006


i totally give up. i've been trying for ages to put other peeps blogs in there in the links bit in the template and it's just not working. so i give up.

(btw, if anyone knows of foolproof way to do this, plz let me know) luv lis

alright.. back again

now i'm editing this post because i've blogged and there's a couple of links! but alas..... they still don't work :(

bye again

okay final edit - my geeky housemate lex woke up from his drunkenness and fixed it for me. sorted. oh... and "someone" called in sick today at work and i got a txt from the boss asking if i wanted to work... not today, sorry!!! hope you okay M!

back again, again..... in regard to that last bit of the post, lex isn't really a geek. i'm just jealous because he knows more about computers than i do. he's really very, very cool.... in fact right now he's rhyming at the top of his lungs and the neighbours love it.

luv lis


At 10:32 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The links work! Yes! Sorry for not getting to you sooner, babe.

At 2:25 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG you said "no" to working on your day off - I'm very proud of you!

I know I've said it a thousand times but you've been so great to me at the new place.

See ya when I see ya :(


At 3:02 pm , Blogger claire said...

that's it, lisa, just say no!! hope your new work roster rocks your world. just think, a virtually kochie-free world! sweet.

At 7:20 pm , Blogger lis said...

kochie rocks. a little :) elsie i'll miss you. long live elsie! good luck with S

At 1:37 am , Blogger michelle said...

feeling much better, danke. i slept for many, many hours, then alterated between dozing, gulping down glasses of juice and having my slave fetch me snacks consisting of chocolate chips that are technically meant to be used in baking goods.


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