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Friday, May 08, 2009

i hate...

I hate new relationships. But no, i really do love them, but i just get so annoyed. if someone likes me, i want them to show it. i want to be pursued. I WANT TO BE PURSUED!!! for god's sake, you live just down the road. not far at all. i'm RIGHT HERE. it can't be that hard, really, to arrange something. so i'm thinking i really like someone. and we've only hung out twice right?? twice. not many times at all. and then the dreaded thing happens. COLD SORE. eww. on the second 'date'. not a good thing. it was like an instant lip fungus. no tingle, nothing. BAM. there it was. so no kissing to be done. FUCK FUCK FUCK. i hope i haven't put him off with my lip fungus and lack of kissing. i am just sooo annoyed right now. what if he doesn't really like me at all?? what if he's gone all cold on me? i have time in my life for someone. where the fuck are you??? i was really happy the other day. i felt kinda special. you know, random text messages in the middle of the day. awwww someone's thinking about me! how nice! but now....nothing. this fucking sucks.

and we lost netball last night :(

ahhh sorry, just venting. xx


At 11:40 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh crap, i was just thinking today of emailing you about this! and then i check your blog and here it is. damn lip fungus. where/when was the second date? is there a third planned?


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