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Sunday, September 03, 2006


okay so i wasn't just chatting up the metlink guy... honest.

no but right now i have to say i'm shitting myself a little about catching public transport in melbourne tomorrow afternoon, and forever and a day. i dont' really know where to go. i just rang them (them being metlink) to find out what the cheapest ticket would be, like a weekly thing because you know... dont wanna get ripped off right. so yeh... he's all like "if you get scared or confused or watever, don't hesitate to put us on your mobile and give us a call. also, there's panic buttons all over the train....." watever!!! can't be worse than perth, right? of course, i'm wasting my breath/finger typing speed talking/typing about pt in perth because unless you've ever lived there for a while (i'm not talking visiting or just tourist or watever) actually lived there - you just wouldn't understand. (man i hate it when someone says taht to me "you just wouldn't understand.." fuck off.

anyway, i'm not really stressed. although my mum is a bit. she's experienced perth pt not first hand, but through me and i think she thinks its the same. but honestly its not. apparently. i hope. i really really hope. so the plan is i'm walking to the train station near my house, ride to the city, then tram out to work. then go home at night in reverse. sounds simple. and at some stage work out which ticket - the daily or the weekly or the weekly daily or the daily weekly daily or the weeekly weekly saver daily cheaper ticket waily deekly.... arrrrr. (pirate talk) - that i will need to buy!!

man public transport rocks

oh... do i take an umbrella? i dont wanna get rained on. i've got a pretty little pink one i was given when i moved here. maybe i'll use that. yay. pink :)

now i'd like to say more but i can't be bothered/slightly hungover etc. over and out.


At 8:55 pm , Anonymous Matt said...

Hi Lisa!
If ya need advice on public transport in Melbourne, let me know! I've never owned a car here so it's been my only way of getting around for the past 6 years. Sounds like you need a zone 1 daily ticket if it's just a one-off return trip.

Oh, and take the umbrella - it's Melbourne after all! :)

At 10:10 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do they really have panic buttons!? I'm the complete opposite to Matt and am probably going to take pt when I start work... on Wednesday. Yikes! Wowsers! I'm thinking of getting a weekly ticket, too. But I'll drive in when we do salon/dinner, etc, so I dunno. If you can fit one into your bag, definitely take an umbrella ;)


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