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Monday, September 04, 2006

..bad, but not THAT bad!

okay, maybe i should rephrase that - "i was expecting my return to night shift to be bad... but not THAT bad!!" fuck me it was awful. i hate my job. i hate everything and i'm very fucking negative tonight so you can all just get the fuck out of my life. i'm starting over and you'll never see me again. the captioning world is a better place without me, let me assure you - especially after today.

i could go on and on, but what would be the point? noone really cares, anyway, do they? after all, everyone goes through this, right? they've either gone through it before, or i tel you what - if IT hasn't, watch the fuck out cuz IT is sneaking up behind you right now and IT is gonna king hit you - end of story. fuck IT. IT can get fucked. fuuuuuuuuuuck.

now i'm not the kind of person that stresses - ask anyone, i'm the most stress free person on earth. seriously. (10).. ahhh ha.. not funny. anyway, i dont stress. and i tell you what, the peeps at work saw a different side of me today. i dont know exactly what they think of me now, but i'm sure its not good. to anyone who witnesses, i'd like to apologise.... but i'm not going to. so i guess i woudln't like to apologise. i promise it won't happen again. well maybe. well fuck it i can assure you its going to happen again tomorrow. so ML when u return to work, kick my ass into line, will you? and never, ever, ever have another day off... so long as i'm there. oh and i guess it didn't help that steve irwin got stabbed by a stingray. man, it was pretty fucking awful. poor guy. wat about his kids? theyre so cute. did u know his daughter bindi has her own tv show? cool. anyway... that made everything so much worse. well actually i dont even think it was that. i just think it was because i've become so settled at work with LC on Sunrise that the way it works at nights is so fucking confusing to me that i really can't deal. so i was yelling all over the place. even offline went quiet. noisy fuckers. and this fuck-off banging on the table shits me to tears. fuck off with the bang. specially when its jsut the perth shift. why the fuck can't you hear me? what the fuck is wrong with you????? i'm dying for a "word" from someone. pleeeeze. and how the fuck do you expect me to check a tt story while i'm doing my updates which are going live and have a live x in them and i have no steno ??? excuse me, sorry for doing a shitty job. oh, and dont even talk to me about the spell check. LC, i did my best, but you'l find a few doozies tomorrow, trust me! its like someone is doing it deliberately jsut to fuck me off. so thats why i'm so fucked off right now.

so i finished at 9.30, walked my sorry ass home by 10.50pm and then made a bunch of pancakes and then i ate them. now i feel sick. and i'm ranting. maybe i feel sick because i've ranted so much. Or its the pancakes. who cares.

get fucked.


At 12:05 am , Anonymous I_LOVE_LISA said...

Hello Darling! Here at the gold coast they have unlimited pancakes for $7.50. I love it! Food groups - whatever!! Mmmm, syrup and carbs yum yum yum! Let'd write a proposal between the two of us for the same at Chaddy, but maybe with lofat icecream? How did you find the trams?? I've got to get the bus/train home from the airport next tues.

Hugs, love lotsa...

At 10:58 am , Blogger michelle said...

lisa baby,

i'm so sorry to hear that your foray into nights was fucking terrible, but also, it makes me somewhat happier that, apparently, i'm not overreacting!

let's go get new jobs far away from captions. hell, let's stock shelves at coles!


At 11:20 am , Anonymous Jade said...

michelle, you're not overreacting, and neither are you, lisa. captions are rubbish. let's all leave and never come back. oh yeah, i kind of already did...

working at ACC for that lengthy stint of about three weeks before my leave made me realise the best thing about captioning was the free car-parking at the dome. yep. the hot chocolate from the hub went down alright too. and now that's been ripped away from us.

meet you guys at coles next week xx

At 11:30 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go on strike! Go on strike! Poor thing. I feel for you. And I guess you've validated my decision not to come across. Hope it gets better :)

At 1:42 pm , Blogger michelle said...

yes, goddamit, yes.

smoochers to you all.

At 5:02 pm , Anonymous Matt said...

Whoa! That sounds heavy. It's really hard to miss captioning when ya read stuff like that. Hang in there, Lisa.

At 8:01 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oi! My lil' lisa! I'm so sorry it was so shitty Mon. I'm assuming Tue and Wed weren't as bad, especially with ML bk at work.

Seven weels and 2 days till I get you bk!!!!!


P.S. Noticeable improvement in the spellcheck...I think. Maybe I'm just adding whatever now 'cause who cares.

At 10:40 am , Blogger lis said...

letting u all know... its all back to normal now! it was just that first day back that kicked my ass. all good now! not saying its not shitty tho :)

At 10:17 am , Blogger michelle said...

lis, with you making us all play 'deal or no deal' and making me giggle, it's getting bearable there - not greeat, or good, but definitely a workable situation.


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