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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Midori, please (shaken...for 2 hours)

Feeling a bit flat right now after drinking most of a bottle of Midori last night but just the thought of those glasses of champagne over my eyes (sparkly pink glasses in the shape of 2 champagne glasses) makes me happy. And the fact I just ate one of Lisa's amazing omlettes (Lisa, being me), I'm sure I'll perk up before 11:30, when I leave for work. In the meantime, I shall blog and watch Video Hits which has become custom since Year 8 at boarding school. I don't watch Video Hits every week any more, but when I do, it's almost a treat. :) Really.

This time last week, I was headed for date number one with Jonniem. Date number one involved coffee and some food at a local cafe, very handy for me. Look, I'm not really in the mood to even reflect on how it meant. There's been a bit of reflecting this week already. Let's just say it went fine, we chatted for a couple of hours, ate, drank, laughed, shook (not me, just him...for the whole 2 hours) paid (he paid! "you can pay the next one") and went our separate ways...with a kiss on the cheek. I felt he was going to the lips, went for the side-swipe. Man, I'm crafty. He emailed me in the week saying how nice a time he had and we should do it again. What to say?? How to reject...nicely?? So I won't go into that. but let's just say I haven't heard back. Was I expecting to hear back from a rejection? I guess not, I don't know. I've never done that before by email. Normally you reject face to face or on the phone and there's some kind of reaction. By email, there's nothing. Blank. Delete.

So date number 2 was supposed to be with another dude. We were going to meet in Richmond, have a drink...and if we liked each other we could go back to his place. For sex. Isn't that nice? He called on the Saturday to reschedule. I told him he was a cunt (not using that word) for putting it like that and he laughed, said he was joking and can't wait to catch up. OK. Since then, we've just been emailing. He's been busy, as have I. Maybe this week some time.

You know what? I'm so over the whole internet dating. Whose brilliant idea was this anyway???

Also, I dreamt this morning that the cat had scratched me and my arm tore open. I was lying in bed this morning holding my arm together, thinking it was going to split into two. There wasn't any blood. I am bloodless.

On another note, I advertised Lexy's room on realestate.com.au for the perfect replacement and found 20 people coming through here in 5 days. Lex (and I, I suppose!) decided on Charlie. Charlie is a 25-year-old personal trainer for Fitness First. Go, Charlie! He likes cats and the sun. As expected, he's very fit. Also, he was the only one that brought not one, but two written references. He was crazy vibrant and outgoing and friendly. I think we'll get on well. I have thought twice about why he would want to live with me. Does he think I'm his latest project. *slap face* Don't think like that. He wants to live with you because you're a great chick and have an awesome place.
He brought his mum and brother round yesterday to show them the place (isn't that the sweetest? His mother?! ) Anyhow, I have decided Charlie is going to change my life. Check out the new and improved Lisa, coming to a corner near you.


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