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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i'm drowning in the shower...

..or so my cat salem thinks so! he goes nuts trying to break the door down as i dry my ass. so i open the door to let him in so we can hang and all he wants to do is remind me that his stomach is empty of the $50 bag of cat food sitting in the cupboard. trust him. meanwhile, turbo is practicing his commando rolls on the other side of the room. the boys love my new sub (big-ass beanbag) and roll and jump all over it. they're like kids! i can't wait to have kids... kinda (leeks and potatoes haha) - sorry, that was to do with someone else's post - so kinda being the..... word. no, i'm not saying"word", i'm just saying "kinda" is the right word for that... wateva.

so last night's post was all about how frustrating netball was again and then my comp fucked up. being a laptop, i accidentlaly brush some button with my hand and delete it goes

so the rant was all about how shit i am at netball. we won the first game of mixed a grade and won seriously 4-47. that was a nice feeling to kick someone's ass to the floor like that. but then had another game an hour after that, damn i hate waiting, and we lost a-grade womens something like 29-33. it was all my fault. no more needs to be said.

and that being the end of the post. by teh way, i think i totally lost sleep because of that, and so getting up at 4:00 was no fun because i was still awake at 2:30. btw, i don't post at 4am, that's just wat the time says on my comp, not sure why, can't be bothered changing it - hell, it got someone's attention didn't it!

after reading jade's exciting post (go jade) i'm not going to write a poem, but a haiku. first line being 5 sylabolls, second being 7, and 3rd being 5 again. here goes

i suck at netball
by golly i suck so much
how much do i suck?


did you count it on your fingers? i did. just to make sure


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i hate my computer

end of story... i just wrote a post and then pressed something and it disappeared. i hate my computer.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

netball f***ers

so had mixed netball tonight. won by 4 points - 26-30. was an awesome game played WA and then WD. and in the last five i couldn't run much cuz my ankle started hurting. filling you in... i decided to take up the sport of couch-jumping about a month ago. it only lasted one jump. and i was drunk. and wearing baggy trackies - bad combo. anyway.... it still hurts. i'm going to the doctor tomorrow. this chick at netball said my muscle could have tightened and might need to be drained if it has fluid. eww. no needles are coming near me. but maybe i should go anwayz. anyway... my couch has peacocks on it. its really pretty. hey not that i'm really into beastiality or anthing (okay so that's a def) i wonder if peacocks have pea-cocks. hehe. right.

so back to the netball.... man it was so tough and being mixed, the guys play like basketball. not so much our team because we have excellent shooters, but the other team the guys shoot like basketball and try these stupid backhand shots and loops and little passes that really shit me. but we still won. makes me feel good! but i haven't really played for these guys for a while and so there was a bit of a trust thing there. i'm one of those people that tries to get out in front you know, so they can see me and maybe throw the ball at me if they feel like. but you know... me just standing there obviously wasn't good enough . not saying i'm perfect, in fact far from it. but i mean... i'm there right! sounds like i'm pretty perfect doesn't it? well i'm not... because i mean i guess the fact that at one stage i threw the ball to this chick that left that spot like 3 seconds prior and ball changed hands. gooood one hey.

sorry al sounds a bit confusing. but its beter playing with these guys (A grade!) than playing with that other team that... well i'll try and explain - they can't catch the ball, they can't throw. they can't shoot. they can't do much at all. that was until last week when i got a pleasant surprise when we flogged the other team. people could shoot, catch and the lot! wow we clicked. and everyone was flabbergasted. but stilll... i think humans are worse than mice. even mice get it right - i mean how many times do we have to do something wrong to realise its wrong??? like lobbing the ball over someone that can just jump up and catch it???? dicks.

back to my peacock couch... to watch tv. oh hey i better get dressed too!! had to rant as soon as i had a shower and now i'm getting cold.

btw... its tongue-a-lingus tuesday.... (not a word, i know, i know) now known as that because a colleague of mine who shall remain nameless decided to perform fellacio on the talkback mike today. so its foreplay to humpday wednesday... hahaaaa wonder wat thursday brings us?


six.... good enough? not quite

i'd just like to say how proud of myself i am right now. i got six on my footy tips on the weekend!!! although i'm really really behind but you know, six is six! i'm right up there with the best of the best... well you know 6 was the best! so katrina.. look out i'm gonna get you!!! (well... chance are probly not)

and on not another note - how hard is this weekends tips???? eeeeek!! way too hard. damn it. well maybe it's just me finding it hard. i dont know. all i know is gooooo eagles! wooh.

anyway, finally getting a chance to listen to christina's new album. its wonderful..


Monday, August 21, 2006


feeling: not the greatest
a little tired
better than yesterday
pretty bored
happy to chill for a sec...
but somehow wanting more!!

ahhh that's out of me now. as you can see... my brain isn't really functioning well enough to think of any big words. but then again, when does it? you can probly tell i use mono-syllabol (sp) words. i think because from a young age i had a dictionary forced into my face everytime i questioned a word, and seeing as my mother is a walking encyclopedia/macquarie/scrabble board (man you should see her now when i beat her at scrabble and boggle!!!!) that was pretty often. "what does that mean?" i'd ask. "get the dictionary.... look it up. what does it mean? tell me" me: "blah blah blah..." mum: - "spell it for me" me: "ABCDEFG-fucking fragelistic expaledicious" sounds good enough. therefore.... my brain evacuates any big words immediately! why do i have to retain them? no reason. when i can fit in much more important stuff. like friends birthdays and netball at 7.40 tomorrow night.. you know random-ness like that. anyway, who needs big words when i copy words for a living. since when do i have to ever think for myself? not often!

oh so anyhow... my birthday onto that shall we? went to belgian beer cafe for a quiet drink early on, then onto dragonboat for yumcha- which wasn't really yumcha, but it was still pretty good! ummmm then onto cookie. drank way too much. was lorenzo's bday too but he left. and so mel and i headed up to pony where a few minus-party boy peeps were stil there. drank way too much... lost way too much money, probly made a big fool of myself... and lost a present. and i'm trying to contact them but really as if they'd be there 330pm monday arvo. noooo.

(oh hewy, those steaks are so underdone... mooooo)

anywayz, left there at like 730, hung out on the sidewalk for halfa, then home at 8ish. was a blob for the entire day. i haven't felt that bad in such a long time. just imagine - this used to be a weekly occurrence! but no longer. which is probly a good ting.

anyway,,, quick shout-out to everyone who was there. thanks for an awesome night !!!! oh if anyone seen my grey bangle , tha'ts mine. and i got some other bangle.... who knows where that came from. mabye did a swap? ? go figure..


Saturday, August 12, 2006

on a musical note....

i'm devulging a secret right now - i wish i was a rock star!!! or just a singer really. i do luv to sing. but i won't sing in front of anybody. kind of. does the car count? or the shower. i guess i sing in the car when other people are there but i dont belt it out like i normally would!! how bout plugging in my hands-free and sticking that in my ear and singing at the same time (just so people driving other cars will think i'm talking on the phone ) ha - done that! except it doesn't work too well when i start dancing around in the car. can it be done? yes.

so the secret's out .

i got the brokedown palace soundtrack. it's beautiful, especially plumb's damaged. in fact, as the rest of the soundtrack plays, it gets better! just some nice acoustic versions of songs. really nice. right now plays 'even when i'm sleeping'.

but things like 'idol' well i just couldn't see myself doing that. because sometimes i'll be singing something and i'll go "geez that wasn't very good!! imagine if other people had to hear that??" that goes through my mind . so maybe i'm overestimating myself.... maybe underestimating!!! that woudl be a pleasant surprise.

right now a song called 'brokedown palace plays' dont know who sings that one but its awesome!!! why didn't i listen to this sooner? very nice. kind of chicky though! probly not one for the guys. i dunno. i dont' have a penis.

now is sarah brightman deliver me i guess i'm in the mood. this music i dont really listen to much. but its nice.

oh ...

i was gonna write something there! but my phone just rang i'm going for walk at the beach with kate. catcha later.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

baaaa im a sheep

okay so everyone's been raving about this blog stuff so i thought i'd give it a go. hence the title.

and spelling and punctuation aside.... what is this "spelling" and "punctuation" ? get the picture? good.

there's too much of it at work. and why should i succumb to the pressure when i'm not there? precisely!! i will endeavour to make as many spelling mistakes as possible . hahahaaaaaaaaaa
and a pirate argh there too. ready? arrrrrrgh!

okay so since the big D-day (redundancy) not much has been going on. i've continued working at the new place, starting at 43oam - nice - so i'm just a tad snoozy

i have bought the following things (that i can think of right now!!!!)

- alarm clock/radio to wake me up much nicer in the morning that a beeeeeeeeeep beeeeeep

- clothes for the work party (of which i now detest, have no idea why i bought them. fine, the red dress looks lovely on the hangar but not on me (was that an aeroplane hangar?? haha) including a metal silver belt (okay i'll hav to post a picture of this else you won't get it )

- a sub! (noone really knows wat this is. it's a huuuuge beanbag. like an oblong shape filled with 500 litres of beanbag beans . and it is massive. and can go outside. so i can lie in sun (can't wait to get it in the post)

- and today's most important purchase - a new mobile phone yay me!! well okay actually it was free (even more go me!!!) its a samsung and it's flat and it's white. very clean. in fact when selecting some option for the tones, it says either "pure", "clean" or "fun". not so cool. so i've chosen a ring tone that says hip hop. though it's not so much. my housemate is a hip hop freak so i can't wait for him to pull the piss out of it. pardon me.

and that is the purchases i can remember . oh except for the piece of gluten free chocolate jafa cake that i just ate yummm. now i do feel a little sick, tho.

so this being my first post ever i hope i have bored many many people to their desired death. yes, it's something one can desire.

oh one last thing - its my birthday this weekend . okay not till monday but i want to have a party. everyone seems to be going up to the snow this weekend. so doesn't seem like much of a party at this stage (this sucks and is quite depressing) . anyway. a party with noone is better than no party at all!!! hell... i can have it at that new place on dandenong road... i think its' called "lisa's place" ah-ha!!! got ya.

till next time...