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Sunday, September 17, 2006

oh right

oh right, i forgot about the blog .... no i'm just boring. by the way, that weather chick thing is a bit crap but seriously, its to tell me wat the weather's doing, you know. oh i wish i was that hot. yeah. wooh. soooooo... right.... anyway. i'm a bit boring right now dont know wat to say. apparently though its good to just put thoughts on screen, whatever you're thinking right now. i'm thinking how boring i am. and oh i'm going to go on a contiki tour with kat. but apparently it's just a bunch of chicks out to get a root. and hardly any guys. and well that's not a prob for kat cuz she's incredibly hot, but waht about me? i really dont wanna be taht chick left in the corner. well i wont' go any further, but i really want to have a fun time and so i'll just have to keep thinking about it i think.
so 'bootmen' is on right now. oh so manly tapdancing at a steelworks factory. good old aussie movie, but adam garcia is kinda cute :p
wat else.... beth broke up with her boyf and she's all depressed. maybe it's made me a little depressed. so i saw a psychic a few months back and she told me i'm really sensitive, like to how everyone feels. and i already know that i guess. so to hear beth's depression talk made me super sad. work tomorrow, day off. but i get overtime so that's all good. but thinking of the eagles winning makes me feel better! although it's kinda sour i guess cuz i really like the bulldogs, i've been tipping them all year, but i feel like every time i tipped them they lost!!! how did they ever get into the finals??? i wish i could go home right now. it would be excellent. but i'm glad i was here this weekend. went to an awesome party friday night was a ton of fun. kate's bro angus' bday and heaps of ppl i'd met through kate that i never see. normally i feel like they're jsut being nice, but this time felt really good to be there! and rich (cuz) was there too, came back from perth for a bit and going up to qld for work or someting. so kate was stoked. haven't seen him in a while. they did a bench press comp at the height of drunkenness and apparently rich is the reigning champ! go cuz! apparently hav to press like 35 of something.... i dunno how much they were lifting. there was a 10 at least and 2 others on each side. and the most anyone did was 11 i think. i hate bench pressing cuz the bar goes all wobbly above me and i can't hold it straight, even if its' not heavy. i'm a little unco sometimes. so the rest of the party was good, even being groped all night by chucky, but that was just funny because he was so fucking drunk and kept asking me to go out the back to root behind the shed. nice. so many propositions to turn down, so little time :) if only tapdancing adam garcia propositioned me. ah-ha!

god, how boring am i???? oh on saturday went to work, couldn't fuckin get in cuz i had no key. so i buzzed the intercom and some chick from the first level answered. she woudln't let me in. i nkow i'm a bit dodgy and all, but for fuck sake, i hav a key to my level, not the building. fuck. so had no phone, no money, severely hung over and seedy as a mofo. had to find a phone so found the tanning salon open, this blonde bimbo slut chick there ( shouldn't say that, she was lovely and thought i was a weirdo) and managed to get her to use the phone to call directory assistance to find ACC's phone number, but it's not listed apparently. so i fuckin sat there going "what to do???" brainwave - call 7!!! the blonde bimbo slut chick sits there goes... "um.... what number? you need a number..." i'm like "umm... no. just call switchboard and ask for captions" she looked at me like i had an alien coming out my left nostril. so i took teh phone from her, got someone at 7 and they put me straight through, got rob and he rescued me from downstairs! lucky he was even there because he shouldn't have been. offline should ahve been there but some chick just decided not to turn up. so.... results - i need a key and i need the alarm code, because apparently i don't have one. so even if i did have a key, i would still set the alarm off. yay. i love alarms. lex broke our fire alarm... so that doesn't even work.

right. so its' sunday, and that means ramble day. but i've rambled enough; god knows its even babble.... no what's even more better than that/?? WAFFLING!! i love waffles. mm. waffles.


At 6:18 pm , Anonymous katrina said...

Fuck off, spam.

You know my feelings on waffles, Lis ;) Go those Eagles!


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