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Monday, December 22, 2008

hello, hotness

  • Is it hotness or hottness?
  • it's getting hotter and i'm still in my tracksuit pants. i think i should probably stop wearing them.
  • the fan is on and the front bit fell off and i stuck my hand in it. but i'm still typing ok so guess i still have all my fingers.
  • i want to open my christmas presents now
  • i want my cold to be gone. I feel a bit shit but did sleep 3 hours this afternoon to get rid of the collapsing chest.
  • i drank enough this friday, saturday and sunday to pickle myself. but i didn't eat any pickle. i did eat mexican, however, including 3-day-to-make beans. they were very good.
  • i just showed someone what closed captions look like. it happened to be Today Tonight time. I nearly shot myself the fact that I turned to 7 between 6:30 and 7pm. And then the story was about drink sizes and binge drinking. Coincidence?
  • SKANKS...say no more
  • lex's stinky feet are stinky
  • there's shit tv tonight.

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