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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

back by popular demand!

Well, not so much by popular demand, but since revealing the fact I have a blog to certain people (Leela!), I've been asked to blog again. FANCY THAT! being asked why I haven't written?? Isn't that nice!

So it's since turned 2009. I've official called 2009 the Year of the Internet Date. It goes like this:
  • January, chatting on dating site
  • February, getting phone numbers and ringing them
  • March, dating
  • April, sex???? oh come on, that's, like, forever away
Scratch that. I'm reorganising as follows:
  • January, chatting on dating site and getting phone numbers
  • Mid January, meeting, dating, having sex
Ahh, that's much better. chuckle chuckle.

That's as far as I've gotten. I don't plan on sticking to this time table, but it's just an estimate! You don't want to rush into these things, you know.

So far I have one phone number from bluejapan. he seems nice an even put up a almost nudie pick for my perusal (sp). isn't that nice?

I'm also speaking to some guy called jonniem who says he's not a dumbarse, but is a smartarse. "Is that ok?"

Also another guy called GodlessCommie. I really have to fuck him off.

And then there's socialphobic. I think he lives in Bayswater (really...) and is mad about movies...of which I am not so mad about. He has had one girlfriend for 3 weeks and had sex 9 months ago. Really! the things you learn on dating sites. Now, with a name like socialphobic...I'll say no more.

Aside from OkCupid!, i'm also online checking out housemates. If you know of anyone, send them my way. I've decided men are the no-go. i may be substituting them for a sexless boyfriend.
Lex is moving out on the 6/7 Feb (his bday weekend) and i'm aiming to get someone in straight away. It's down to Vidya (an Indian whom I don't want to live with and, no, i'm not being racist) .... and that's it so far.

And aside from loooking for a new house buddy, 2009 has definitely picked up happy-ness wise since the last week of 2008! god, those were miserable days. shit shit shit! looks like 2009 contains the same amount of cocktails, if not more, than last year! hopefully the Year of the Internet Date also includes more tennis playing (come on, Adam!), more gym (yes, Leela) and no more babies (so i can drink with my pregnant baby-making friends)! btw, a big shout-out to Jade, Joel and new baby girl Zadie! And Sarah and baby still in tummy but all the way in Perth. Also more sex, no need to travel to Perth just for a sure thing! Also a return to netball (thanks Mel for getting me back into a team, only if it has been 2 games - we won by 20 goals last week and i'd like to think it was thanks to my brilliant play, and another one tomorrow night - that will be the tester, apparently they're quite good).

On a final note, come on bluejapan, let's get it on. Bluejapan and me coming to a restaurant near you. Oh, dear........


At 10:14 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, bluejapan emailed me about music recommendations. i think i scared him off! he's all yours now!

At 12:40 pm , Anonymous Leela said...

I feel special!!

So maybe I need to wear a name tag... Apart from the wrong spelling of my name, a blog well written! Now keep it up every week. I am putting together a new workout for you as we speak.

At 1:04 pm , Blogger Lisa said...

Sorry, Leeeeela! I'm in love with the name Leila (spelt that way) so...there. Sorry, luvly!

At 1:05 pm , Blogger Lisa said...

UPDATE: going for coffee with jonniem. He has a photo where he's overseas and they've dressed him in a little skirt/top and smeared makeup on him. He looks like a pig in lipstick.

At 7:43 am , Anonymous Leela said...

so what you're saying is you hate my name... OK. I get it. See you at gym.

At 2:37 pm , Blogger lis said...

No, no, no! Quite the opposite, i love your name! But i did love the name 'Leila' before 'Leela'. And if I loved 'leela', then you'd think I was obsessed with you. I am obsessed with how much you kick arse and aim to kick arse like that :) *suck up, suck up*

Gosh, Leela is such a great name :)

At 12:48 pm , Anonymous Leela said...

Yeah yeah! I now know why you aren't coming in when I'm in here.

Thanks for the update!!


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