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Saturday, September 09, 2006

my team lost :(

im miserable... the eagles lost. i'm absolutely devastated. after a fantastic week at work (can you read the sarcasm in that sentence? if you can't, then... do it) it just put the biggest downer on everything. they lost by 1 point to sydney. fucking sydney. i hate them so much. almost as much as collingwood. i'm not sure why i hate collingwood so much. actually i should probly hate sydney cuz they won the grand final last year against the eagles. okay. so i hate sydney more. but the only reason i hate sydney more is cuz of barry hall... and the whole GF thing. okay. anyway, it was an excellent game at subi, but they lost. its all down to collingwood and bulldogs now. fucking collingwood i hate them. but i guess one good thing is that there's 2 games next week in perth! wish i was there. i did see a bunch of friends on tv though at the game! one of the boys was trying to use his phone and you could see him mouth "it's not fucking working"!! made me laugh.

so everyone's been asking how i was after monday night's extra-violent rant. yeh, i'm fine! a few deaths in the news made everything that much more exciting. sad, but exciting. oh, and some more extra-violent ranting happened on thursday night at gin palace! i had such a great moment - thanks to caitlin and susan and juan pablo's mate - i think his name was oh.... dick face. that'll do. he rudely interrupted juan pablo's wonderful-ness (we could listen to him talk all day... even if it was just reading a shopping list - hey, caitlin!) anyway, dick face rudely interrupts and says "so, you girls are in the film industry, hey?" now since when did we mention that? i have no idea. anyway, we all look at each other... and "yeeeeesssss, we are in the film industry (now)!" giggle, giggle, giggle! then he decides to hurl abuse at us for the next 5+ minutes... causing me to snap. now those who know me know this doesn't happen,... like ever! (except monday, but that wasn't verbal, just written) so anyway, i snapped - hurling abuse right now and politely asking him to leave aurally like... "you, fuck off - fuck off now. get out of my face, fuck off. leave.... blah blah blah" something like that. it was actualy fun! i should do this more often. just randomly say things to people that they find offensive, or watev, and then abuse them. no wonder there's so many crazy ppl in the world. maybe i'm one of them! yaa-haaaaa! tee hee hee. anyway, then we went to HJs.

okay, so everything's back to normal, cya mondeee.


At 9:01 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you get another chance, baby! You'll be smiling next week... maybe. See you at salon!

At 2:21 am , Blogger Vick said...

I see you've got your very own weather gal now!
And well, there's always next year's finals for the Eagles. At least Freo and the Eagles got into the quarterfinals! Got to take off our hats to them for that!


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