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Sunday, July 08, 2007


after having not drunk for 5+ weeks, i trashed myself on friday night. much fun. headed off to cookie after convincing zena to join me to kate's goodbye bash. everyone's leaving! man this is crazy. so after all the stressing i did about the night being not so much fun, it turned to be a blast. we got so wasted with champagne etc before z suggested we go to the irish farewell too at panama (shittest hip hop and d n b ever!!) so it was a teary farewell to kate at cookie. not sure when i'll see her again but she's been a fantastic friend to me since i moved to melbourne (despite her crazy life etc and hardly ever seeing her). even though she's been with my cousin for so long and they've been apart for ever, i felt like she was pushed to be my friend, but never has she acted like that in the whole time i've known her. kate, you are an amazing chick and i hope your travels o/s are awesome. can u pick me up some pics from vietnam and other places?? doubt it, but if u happen to find something that would be ace! so... after a little cry at cookie, we headed to panama where apparently i txtd everyone on my phone with some 7/7/07 shit. well hey, it was a special date, right? definitely worthy of a crappy txt message at 3am right? then we headed back to the irish and then eventually back to z's about ... well some time. didn't sleep at all cuz it was sooooo fuckin cold. haven't people heard of heaters round here? no it was a great time and i got free breakfast wooh! luv the haloumi it's delish. and scrambled eggs w/ tomato relish? the bomb! so i didn't sleep for another day despite being so fucking tired. and then sunday sunrise today. that rocked my world.

so i can't wait to do it all again next week. champagne and other alcohol goodness, i've missed you :) never leave me again

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

a little excited

playing with the new netball team tomorrow night but the game's not till 9:40 and they're 40min games. i'm kind of looking forward to it but it's a new team and i'm kinda shitting myself cuz i know noone and i don't know how good they are, if they think i'm good or maybe they're really really shit and i'm just wasting my time? eek. well i've committed, and i've even paid my money and yes, about that training thing, apparently 15 mins after i left 4 of them rocked up. how annoying. god damn. so i went for a run/walk yesterday and again today. and went to the naturopath again today (geez, this is turning into one of those "what i did today" blogs - sorry) anyway, i lost 2.7kg in the last 2 weeks, which i'm really surprised at because i've been cheating a little bit, but only a wee wee wee little bit . anyway, i gained 2kg in muscle. woopiee! i guess.
didnt really want any more muscle cuz i'm quite muscular. ky said it's good though. so...yay! that's the news of the day. i'm going now cuz heroes is on. and if i sit here and blog rather than watch it, i won't be watching proply. till next time.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


and anyone that knows me and works me with may know that i'm this healthy eating ketosis metagenics thing and it starts off like detox. i'd like to say right now that i haven't had alcohol, chocolate, coffee, bread, rice, pasta, potato for 4 weeks now ! go me. in fact, that's alcohol for longer than 4 weeks. now... i found water decafinated coffee!!!! and i had one today. plus a yummy yummy most perfect looking omlette ever. i wanted to take a picture, because that seems to be teh trendy thing to do, but my camera is broke. the end.

wow 3 months

that's quite a while to not post an entry. may be the longest in history. i should enter the world record books. now... quick while my rage subsedes (sp and hey is that even the right word?? fuck it) im really angry. hey, guess what' it's about/? netball!! im pissed off...again. i'm starting with a new team. and it's official - they even wanna do training! which is great, cuz i'm all for training. but when noone shows up for this "meet and greet" we're sposed to have today at wesley opp belgian beer, and i'm left sitting in the car for 15 minutes waiting for someone to show their ugly head and busting for the loo, i get a little pissed off. fuck i'm so irritated right now. i even have a headache. and it's caused me to blog once more. which i guess is a good thing for me, you know, get those creative juicy writing brain cells happening there, but not so good for any of my pals who may be reading. though i don't think they read any more cuz i don't blog. i think that's a necessity for people to read you have to provide some kind of text. so here it is. i'm now waiting for someone to throw some rotten fruit at me. may be a tasty fermenting orange would be nice. oh right, so i txtd the girl nicole who's got the team together and she never txtd back. well not yet and that was only 5 minutes ago. so i'm still pissed off. and i'm going to spend the rest of the day in front of the tv watching last sunday nights' show cuz i didn't watch it yet. go greys. wooh. in a way i guess i'm thankful for no training today cuz of the unfit biatch i've become. even with a treadmil in my lounge rom. and well those damn pushups kinda hurt.