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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i'm drowning in the shower...

..or so my cat salem thinks so! he goes nuts trying to break the door down as i dry my ass. so i open the door to let him in so we can hang and all he wants to do is remind me that his stomach is empty of the $50 bag of cat food sitting in the cupboard. trust him. meanwhile, turbo is practicing his commando rolls on the other side of the room. the boys love my new sub (big-ass beanbag) and roll and jump all over it. they're like kids! i can't wait to have kids... kinda (leeks and potatoes haha) - sorry, that was to do with someone else's post - so kinda being the..... word. no, i'm not saying"word", i'm just saying "kinda" is the right word for that... wateva.

so last night's post was all about how frustrating netball was again and then my comp fucked up. being a laptop, i accidentlaly brush some button with my hand and delete it goes

so the rant was all about how shit i am at netball. we won the first game of mixed a grade and won seriously 4-47. that was a nice feeling to kick someone's ass to the floor like that. but then had another game an hour after that, damn i hate waiting, and we lost a-grade womens something like 29-33. it was all my fault. no more needs to be said.

and that being the end of the post. by teh way, i think i totally lost sleep because of that, and so getting up at 4:00 was no fun because i was still awake at 2:30. btw, i don't post at 4am, that's just wat the time says on my comp, not sure why, can't be bothered changing it - hell, it got someone's attention didn't it!

after reading jade's exciting post (go jade) i'm not going to write a poem, but a haiku. first line being 5 sylabolls, second being 7, and 3rd being 5 again. here goes

i suck at netball
by golly i suck so much
how much do i suck?


did you count it on your fingers? i did. just to make sure



At 12:14 am , Anonymous Guess_who_I_am... said...

Boring? Never. Remember, posts about cats are never ever ever boring, and you can never have too many cat-related entries or pictures about your cats. I've met them and they're lovely, even if they gave me no love. xxx

At 2:24 pm , Blogger lis said...

But they sensed no love from you! next time maybe


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