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Saturday, August 12, 2006

on a musical note....

i'm devulging a secret right now - i wish i was a rock star!!! or just a singer really. i do luv to sing. but i won't sing in front of anybody. kind of. does the car count? or the shower. i guess i sing in the car when other people are there but i dont belt it out like i normally would!! how bout plugging in my hands-free and sticking that in my ear and singing at the same time (just so people driving other cars will think i'm talking on the phone ) ha - done that! except it doesn't work too well when i start dancing around in the car. can it be done? yes.

so the secret's out .

i got the brokedown palace soundtrack. it's beautiful, especially plumb's damaged. in fact, as the rest of the soundtrack plays, it gets better! just some nice acoustic versions of songs. really nice. right now plays 'even when i'm sleeping'.

but things like 'idol' well i just couldn't see myself doing that. because sometimes i'll be singing something and i'll go "geez that wasn't very good!! imagine if other people had to hear that??" that goes through my mind . so maybe i'm overestimating myself.... maybe underestimating!!! that woudl be a pleasant surprise.

right now a song called 'brokedown palace plays' dont know who sings that one but its awesome!!! why didn't i listen to this sooner? very nice. kind of chicky though! probly not one for the guys. i dunno. i dont' have a penis.

now is sarah brightman deliver me i guess i'm in the mood. this music i dont really listen to much. but its nice.

oh ...

i was gonna write something there! but my phone just rang i'm going for walk at the beach with kate. catcha later.


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