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Monday, August 21, 2006


feeling: not the greatest
a little tired
better than yesterday
pretty bored
happy to chill for a sec...
but somehow wanting more!!

ahhh that's out of me now. as you can see... my brain isn't really functioning well enough to think of any big words. but then again, when does it? you can probly tell i use mono-syllabol (sp) words. i think because from a young age i had a dictionary forced into my face everytime i questioned a word, and seeing as my mother is a walking encyclopedia/macquarie/scrabble board (man you should see her now when i beat her at scrabble and boggle!!!!) that was pretty often. "what does that mean?" i'd ask. "get the dictionary.... look it up. what does it mean? tell me" me: "blah blah blah..." mum: - "spell it for me" me: "ABCDEFG-fucking fragelistic expaledicious" sounds good enough. therefore.... my brain evacuates any big words immediately! why do i have to retain them? no reason. when i can fit in much more important stuff. like friends birthdays and netball at 7.40 tomorrow night.. you know random-ness like that. anyway, who needs big words when i copy words for a living. since when do i have to ever think for myself? not often!

oh so anyhow... my birthday onto that shall we? went to belgian beer cafe for a quiet drink early on, then onto dragonboat for yumcha- which wasn't really yumcha, but it was still pretty good! ummmm then onto cookie. drank way too much. was lorenzo's bday too but he left. and so mel and i headed up to pony where a few minus-party boy peeps were stil there. drank way too much... lost way too much money, probly made a big fool of myself... and lost a present. and i'm trying to contact them but really as if they'd be there 330pm monday arvo. noooo.

(oh hewy, those steaks are so underdone... mooooo)

anywayz, left there at like 730, hung out on the sidewalk for halfa, then home at 8ish. was a blob for the entire day. i haven't felt that bad in such a long time. just imagine - this used to be a weekly occurrence! but no longer. which is probly a good ting.

anyway,,, quick shout-out to everyone who was there. thanks for an awesome night !!!! oh if anyone seen my grey bangle , tha'ts mine. and i got some other bangle.... who knows where that came from. mabye did a swap? ? go figure..



At 11:02 pm , Anonymous jade said...

i don't have your bangle. i don't even remember you wearing one at "yumcha" (which, although it wasn't really yumcha, was really yum...)

At 9:01 pm , Blogger lis said...

YEH IT WAS from loren i think. so woulda got it at cookie. damnit. rang pony and they don't hav the purse either :(


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