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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

netball f***ers

so had mixed netball tonight. won by 4 points - 26-30. was an awesome game played WA and then WD. and in the last five i couldn't run much cuz my ankle started hurting. filling you in... i decided to take up the sport of couch-jumping about a month ago. it only lasted one jump. and i was drunk. and wearing baggy trackies - bad combo. anyway.... it still hurts. i'm going to the doctor tomorrow. this chick at netball said my muscle could have tightened and might need to be drained if it has fluid. eww. no needles are coming near me. but maybe i should go anwayz. anyway... my couch has peacocks on it. its really pretty. hey not that i'm really into beastiality or anthing (okay so that's a def) i wonder if peacocks have pea-cocks. hehe. right.

so back to the netball.... man it was so tough and being mixed, the guys play like basketball. not so much our team because we have excellent shooters, but the other team the guys shoot like basketball and try these stupid backhand shots and loops and little passes that really shit me. but we still won. makes me feel good! but i haven't really played for these guys for a while and so there was a bit of a trust thing there. i'm one of those people that tries to get out in front you know, so they can see me and maybe throw the ball at me if they feel like. but you know... me just standing there obviously wasn't good enough . not saying i'm perfect, in fact far from it. but i mean... i'm there right! sounds like i'm pretty perfect doesn't it? well i'm not... because i mean i guess the fact that at one stage i threw the ball to this chick that left that spot like 3 seconds prior and ball changed hands. gooood one hey.

sorry al sounds a bit confusing. but its beter playing with these guys (A grade!) than playing with that other team that... well i'll try and explain - they can't catch the ball, they can't throw. they can't shoot. they can't do much at all. that was until last week when i got a pleasant surprise when we flogged the other team. people could shoot, catch and the lot! wow we clicked. and everyone was flabbergasted. but stilll... i think humans are worse than mice. even mice get it right - i mean how many times do we have to do something wrong to realise its wrong??? like lobbing the ball over someone that can just jump up and catch it???? dicks.

back to my peacock couch... to watch tv. oh hey i better get dressed too!! had to rant as soon as i had a shower and now i'm getting cold.

btw... its tongue-a-lingus tuesday.... (not a word, i know, i know) now known as that because a colleague of mine who shall remain nameless decided to perform fellacio on the talkback mike today. so its foreplay to humpday wednesday... hahaaaa wonder wat thursday brings us?



At 8:53 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, why couldn't we have had humpday wednesday at Seven? Yes - I've found you!! You're blogalicious at 4am, which is a feat in itself. See you Thursday, I hope, and feel better soon! xx

At 11:10 am , Blogger claire said...

hi, lisa. my god, 4am! that's ceratzy! welcome to blogland! see u thu.


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