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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

baaaa im a sheep

okay so everyone's been raving about this blog stuff so i thought i'd give it a go. hence the title.

and spelling and punctuation aside.... what is this "spelling" and "punctuation" ? get the picture? good.

there's too much of it at work. and why should i succumb to the pressure when i'm not there? precisely!! i will endeavour to make as many spelling mistakes as possible . hahahaaaaaaaaaa
and a pirate argh there too. ready? arrrrrrgh!

okay so since the big D-day (redundancy) not much has been going on. i've continued working at the new place, starting at 43oam - nice - so i'm just a tad snoozy

i have bought the following things (that i can think of right now!!!!)

- alarm clock/radio to wake me up much nicer in the morning that a beeeeeeeeeep beeeeeep

- clothes for the work party (of which i now detest, have no idea why i bought them. fine, the red dress looks lovely on the hangar but not on me (was that an aeroplane hangar?? haha) including a metal silver belt (okay i'll hav to post a picture of this else you won't get it )

- a sub! (noone really knows wat this is. it's a huuuuge beanbag. like an oblong shape filled with 500 litres of beanbag beans . and it is massive. and can go outside. so i can lie in sun (can't wait to get it in the post)

- and today's most important purchase - a new mobile phone yay me!! well okay actually it was free (even more go me!!!) its a samsung and it's flat and it's white. very clean. in fact when selecting some option for the tones, it says either "pure", "clean" or "fun". not so cool. so i've chosen a ring tone that says hip hop. though it's not so much. my housemate is a hip hop freak so i can't wait for him to pull the piss out of it. pardon me.

and that is the purchases i can remember . oh except for the piece of gluten free chocolate jafa cake that i just ate yummm. now i do feel a little sick, tho.

so this being my first post ever i hope i have bored many many people to their desired death. yes, it's something one can desire.

oh one last thing - its my birthday this weekend . okay not till monday but i want to have a party. everyone seems to be going up to the snow this weekend. so doesn't seem like much of a party at this stage (this sucks and is quite depressing) . anyway. a party with noone is better than no party at all!!! hell... i can have it at that new place on dandenong road... i think its' called "lisa's place" ah-ha!!! got ya.

till next time...



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