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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

a little excited

playing with the new netball team tomorrow night but the game's not till 9:40 and they're 40min games. i'm kind of looking forward to it but it's a new team and i'm kinda shitting myself cuz i know noone and i don't know how good they are, if they think i'm good or maybe they're really really shit and i'm just wasting my time? eek. well i've committed, and i've even paid my money and yes, about that training thing, apparently 15 mins after i left 4 of them rocked up. how annoying. god damn. so i went for a run/walk yesterday and again today. and went to the naturopath again today (geez, this is turning into one of those "what i did today" blogs - sorry) anyway, i lost 2.7kg in the last 2 weeks, which i'm really surprised at because i've been cheating a little bit, but only a wee wee wee little bit . anyway, i gained 2kg in muscle. woopiee! i guess.
didnt really want any more muscle cuz i'm quite muscular. ky said it's good though. so...yay! that's the news of the day. i'm going now cuz heroes is on. and if i sit here and blog rather than watch it, i won't be watching proply. till next time.


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