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Sunday, July 01, 2007


and anyone that knows me and works me with may know that i'm this healthy eating ketosis metagenics thing and it starts off like detox. i'd like to say right now that i haven't had alcohol, chocolate, coffee, bread, rice, pasta, potato for 4 weeks now ! go me. in fact, that's alcohol for longer than 4 weeks. now... i found water decafinated coffee!!!! and i had one today. plus a yummy yummy most perfect looking omlette ever. i wanted to take a picture, because that seems to be teh trendy thing to do, but my camera is broke. the end.


At 6:03 pm , Blogger Katrina said...

No, gorgeous, taking photos of food is supposed to be uncool, but such is my love for the edible stuff, it should be pixelated or immortalised in film ;)

Yay for blogging again :) Hope you had a good day. xx


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