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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


i had something really funny i wanted to blog...but I can't remember what it was. was so funny at the time.

i got a ride home tonight in jo's car that zena borrowed, an old cortina. it's so cute and i felt so speeecial being driven home :)

and my tummy is full with this awesome fried-ish rice i made. it is brown rice, onion, brocollini, mushroom, corn, chilli, ginger, soy sauce and sesame sauce. yummmm. ohhh and the roast chicken. most important ingredient for very much a non-vegetarian!

I THINK I REMEMBER!! but it's still not that funny. in fact, it's not funny at all. i think i was so hyped up on michelle's peanut/chocolate tart that i was hysterial. ok... so some kid (seriously - KID) comes in to work today for an interview. he's all of about 18. looked like a fucking MODEL. how hilarious. now, i'm not saying we're not all seriously hot at our workplace, but...this was another type of hotness. one that doesn't really fit in at this stage. i'd love it if he got the job and then his introduction to captioning was the bowling night this saturday night we're having . now, that i'd like to see - seriously funny. not only his reaction to all of us getting PISSED, but also... nope, that's it. the reaction would be enough for me :) welcome, model boy.



At 11:56 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

is THAT why he was there?

he was such a girl.

glad you liked the tart, pumpkinpie. xo

At 10:15 pm , Blogger lis said...

i think that was the reason. maybe he was a model scout? i did see him staring at me for a while...i just thought he was perving.

At 10:42 pm , Blogger jade said...

he was on work experience at AVID...


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