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Friday, November 02, 2007

some questions i'd like to know the answer to

So long time, no no-no

Just some questions I had while sitting on the train today. One day I'd like to know the answer. Or maybe there isn't an answer. If you know the answer, please feel free to answer.

  • Why do old men wear their pants up to their nipples...and where are their nipples?

  • Does the moon cast a shadow?

  • Why were the days on the Italian calendar where I get my coffee different to the days I learnt in school?

  • Has anyone ever been injured/eye poked out or just poked from one of those Catholic crosses you wear around your neck?

  • Why do I always trash my shoes really quickly?

  • Do people tag in train tunnels even when it's pitch black and no-one will see the tag?

  • And why are there no tags at the Southern Cross station where there is plenty of pristine tagging room?

  • Why is there always too much time when I don't need it and not enough when I do?

That's enough for one day. Ciao-ciao


At 7:09 pm , Blogger jade said...

i don't know about old man nipples and i really don't want to.

the italian days as i remember them are lunedi, martedi, mercoledi, giovedi, venerdi, sabato and domenico.

as for the crosses, i'm sure they carry the divine protection of our lord so no, i doubt there's ever been a grievous eye injury.

your stay out too much and spill beer on your shoes, that's why :)

people probably do tag in train tunnels because they are tools. maybe we never hear about their tagging exploits because they all got squashed by trains.

the southern cross station probably has some high-tech wall that spraypaint and texta can't stick to or some shit.

and time, well, it's just a bitch.

hope that's cleared everything up for you.


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