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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

can't think of one

i'm NOT going to write what i'm really feeling because I don't want to read it over and then laugh at myself. but i AM just touching base.

oh, yes, i went to new zealand and that was great. with mum and dad in a campervan. niiice! pics on fb.

the whole facebook thing surprises me occasionally, including the other day when i get added by a friend that i haven't heard from in YEARS. brings back awesome memories. great time in my life...most of it!

working, shmurking. fun fun fun! doing sunrise right now, you know, just for a change :) only till the end of the weekend

footy friday night, even though i know west coast have no chance of winning whatsoever. have faith! no, i'm not going to preach either...except to the footy gods. so that should be fun. the G is always fun !

drinks with sexy peoples saturday night after work

i'm gyming every day and it's great! feeling good. i have twitching muscles (as opposed to rippling!!) no, i think it's when they're tired, they twitch. one of the PTs at the gym says she heard it's a mild form of epilepsy. what a croc.

planning my 5-day trip to cairns, well not really because i'm shit at planning stuff because there's so much stuff i want to do and i can't decide. any suggestions as to what to do in cairns or thereabouts? it's my job to book flights! but i'll pass on suggestions to the powers that be...them being beth!!! it's straight after the olympics so great timing!

i've been really bored lately so if anyone wants to go out, let me know!

right, that's enough.

btw, those idiots leaving me spam messages...STOP IT.

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