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Sunday, March 16, 2008

satay wall

i've decided to start a new hobby. it's called food art. more specifically, painting walls with sauce. yesterday it was satay sauce. it was delightful and truly beautiful. i could post a picture of it because taking photos of food/art is all the race. but... i haven't had a camera for a while now. so re michelle L's satay pizza that she wasn't able to have for a while due to qld council election or watever it was, i've been making pita pizzas ( i know, delightful, right? well i know belinda thinks so!) and satay beef pizza was def. my greatest creation. so while trying to get the rest of the sauce out of the bottle, i did the flick, right, you know, it was a big flick cuz there wasn't much sauce left and this involved swinging my arm about 2x360 degrees (equals ??) and the lid flew right off and sauce went all over the wall. also splattering across the floor, the carpet and over a picture that my godmother's mother painted. it's of the desert and one of my favourites at my place. so i was absolutely devastated. oh shit i haven't actually checked the ceiling for sauce. guess i'll save that for later. so while cleaning up (i mopped carpet! haha hilarious) i bumped the desert picture and it fell off, broke the frame and also took a huge chunk out of the skirtingboard. damn it. the pic is ok and now satay sauce-less. you know what sucks? 1 - i have no sauce left, 2 - the picture has no frame and i can't hang it on the wall any more and 3 - there's a chunck out of the wall. if it wasn't my place, i wouldn't give a toss. but it is my place...and i do give a toss. sucks.

can someone come and fix my wall?? cheers xx


At 9:46 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

baby, that is fucking genius. and too funny. and i'm sorry about your painting.



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