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Friday, December 29, 2006

crazy chinaman

okay so the photo on the left is kind of describing what was in my dream - not the whole fire sequence, but the crazy chinaman ghost face.

so i had this crazy dream where there was a clock on the wall and a texta was stuck inside and this invisible thing kept drawing stuff on the clock face with the texta on the inside. i was like "Stop drawing on the clock! Mum don't you see it? don't you see it?" mum saw it too and just ignored it because she was a little freaked out and it had been doing it for years. so i decided i was gonna fix this clock.

so i took the clock off the wall and the clock face, which had turned from glass into some kind of plastic that was moving, like breathing in and out. mum was like "Lisa, don't touch it ! It's a bad clock!" "No," i said. "i'm gonna free whatever's in here. it needs to get out". As i ran my fingers across the clock face, it started to take the shape of a face (maybe more like the one on the left above)

so i went outside with a knife and the clock. by this stage the clock was whispering "free me, free me!" i asked the clock, "I hope you're not an evil ghost. if i let you out of this clock, you have to promise not to take over my body" The clock promised he'd disappear and leave this earth for eternity. i raised the knife and stabbed it down hard on the clock face, letting the spirit free. He rose into the air.... and straight back down again and took over my body and i became the evil chinaman. i was still partly me on the inside, but had horrible grey falling out hair and yucko teeth and was just evil all over.

i went back inside to mum with my hands covering my disfigured face and said, "i'm sorry, mum i just wanted to fix the clock" and then revealed myself. she was pretty horrified, she started screaming "this is what happens when you try and fix things!!!" i was just worried that i might kill mum or someoen because i was evil and had killed millions of people in my past life, so we set about finding an exorcist.

that's when i woke up.


At 11:34 am , Anonymous jade said...

what. the fuck. that is one terrible dream. i would've been crying. i'm going to read this to rufus one day so he too can learn the moral of the story:


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