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Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry xmas!!!!!

merry xmas!!!!!
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just thought i'd wish everyone a great christmas, because it's such a special time to be with family and friends! and thanks for all the invites to different christmas parties and families, it's very nice to know people are happy to invite me to their families houses! even though i refuse them because of work and, you know, it's a personal thing like being with the families and stuff. not to worry - i'll hav another christmas in a months time when i head on back home! and i'll have another christmas next week when my pressies arrive wooh!! poor old santa, he's not able to make it to my house cuz i dont have a chimney. so he sent them by post and forgot how busy poor old australia post is.

hav a good one everyone luv lis


At 10:54 pm , Anonymous katrina said...

Pretty pic ;) Hope you had a great Christmas, Lis. xx


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