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Friday, February 16, 2007

*chhhhh* Fire, over *chhhh* *chhhh* roger that *chhhh*

Here's a little pic of the fire at Porongurup behind mum and dad's house in WA. like seriously, just behind the house. i think in the most recent post i included before pic. anyway, It's been burning since sunday and burnt out over 5,000ha (which is just about the whole of the national park). The bit that didn't burn out of control were controlled burns but then the sea breeze would come in and the out-of-control stuff would start all over. anyway, it's all over now. 2 houses burnt, no-one got hurt. over 200 firefighters came from over wa to help and 6 water bombers. Fire trucks from as far north as geraldton and east as esperance also came to help. the fire cut two-way radio lines and phone lines so there was no communication over the mountain. they set up a base at mum and dad's house, even though dad wasn't there because they needed his expertise (gosh, he sounds so important!!) to fight the fire. so it was a bit scary for a while. im sure it was even more scary being there, but since i wasn't and stuck over here in melb, i had no idea what was going on. all sorts of ideas racing through my head. i just had to try not to think of the worst thing that could happen. so spoke to mum and dad last night, they've still got random people staying at the house. the party hire/catering business came in handy to feed those hungry 200 firefighters! they were just the paid ones. the other volunteers had to be fed separately (don't ask why...) anyway, party at mum and dad's house this sunday - be there or be square!!! no, i won't be there.


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