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Thursday, February 08, 2007

oops i did it again

totally forgot my password cause its been so long since ive blogged
and decided to do away with any form of punctuation also
okay i was getting a little confused with the lack of punctuation

so i am alive, i'm back in melbourne, have been for about 2 weeks now actually! finally catching up on everything, even dragged my ass to the computer and checked out a few blogs! grooovy

wat up? was doing sunrise for a few weeks, then had holidays for a week at home in good ol' WA, can't beat it!! no, i can't post any pics cuz i didn't take any. lazy lisa. la la la la lazy lisa :)

so wat did i get up to? flew in on the monday night, expected to arrive in a shit hole on morley drive ( my house) and it wasn't bad at all! decided to take up the habit of smoking for the week, well only part of a week because then tuesday morning made the 5hr journey to mum and dads

so that's where mum and dad live, imagine us just to the right of that a little. dad and i are in the process of making a path from the house to castle rock up the top there.

so while i was home, didn't get a up to a whole lot. it's hard with mum because we know we're gonna end up fighting after about 48 hours. so i got home and they were doing NOTHING. how can they expect me to have a good time when i'm doing nothing???? so i mentioned the fact that, you know, was i going to be doing "nothing" for the next 48 hours?? so within 2 hours (that's a baily record) i was already pissing my mum off. so we decided to play scrabble. where she proceded to whip my ass. but let me just say, i'll whip anyone's ass playing boggle. just ask dee and cass - not that we speak anymore, but i'll whip your ass, like i said.

next day i decided mum and i would hang out like mothers and daughters should. so we went to the movies and saw pursuit of happyness, went for a walk on the beach, which i thought would be nice and relaxing, but turns out i started another argument cuz she wouldn't put her feet in the water. then we had a bit of a dinner with the family and the next day i drove back to perth.

so me and the friends cruised to the foreshore with the other thousands of people who decided to also watch the fireworks (not my pic, but i stole it from the net woooh!!!) i dunno... why is it i'm just not that crazy about people that i used to be crazy about? i'm just finding them a little annoying and tedious. i really want to blame it on the cold that dad gave me, but i dont think i can.

umm.... so really the holiday wasn't that amazing to write home about, but it was good enough, and great to catch up with everyone - that's always a good thing. and yes, i'm still thinking about moving back - hell, when aren't i? the best thing was the beach and the sun and the heat. oh it was so nice. different to here. like a different heat. here, whenever its a hot day, it totally makes me piss. i sweat at the drop of a hat. but t here... it creeps into your veins and sinks into your blood and its fantastic. oh, except if you have a cold.

and oh i didn't tell you the worst bit - at eddie's house i came up with the lamest stupidist comment... something about a pool cleaner going *slurp, slirp, slerp* i dont think i need to tell anyone about that. seriously, it's not what you think. ohhhhhh dirty minds all of you. shame, shame, shame. or more likely, shame, shame, shame on me for even bringing the subject up. anyway, let's just say i ruined the moment.

so now i'm back, have been for 2 weeks, did a week of sunrise and now back to nights and doing the soop shift and preping myself to train a new dood next week. yay 4 me.

so i'm going now, till next time..... *slurp, slurp, suck, suck*


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