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Thursday, December 14, 2006

some people are wankers

do i need to say any more??? i dont really want to . i cant be bothered explaining. just that i wish some people would keep their mouth shut, it's just not necessary to shout out whatever's on their mind. i know i do it all the time, and piss everyone off like every single day, but when it happens to me - and by some random person that i don't even know, have never met before, have never even seen before!!!! - i dont like it.

i will leave you now with a photo of something. i'm not sure what yet. its a surprise.....

ohhh now i feel better. i love this photo with salem's ass in turbo's face.

and now i've finished venting about the nasty man. so if i ever see him driving down koornang road in his white stationwagon again, i'll throw fruit at him from the fruit shop and then slit his throat.. oh maybe that last bit was a bit much. but watch out you... you... man. i dont care if you are having wife problems and need to take your frustration out on other people just cuz you're getting none. see ya in hell fruit man.


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