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Monday, November 20, 2006

oh here's a thought

i'll blame it on the heat for making me crazy! i don't think me and my cats can deal with snow one day and 34 degrees at 8pm the next!! (well... okay a few days later, but close enough!) AGREE??? you better.

oh and i played poker and won two games - go me!!

still doing sunrise for another 2 weeks.

gonna apply for holidays tomorrow for next year. everyone's getting on my case to come home. i realy really wanna go home so much, but i feel that i've totally failed with this whole weight loss thing and i did tell everyone how i was gonna be skinny next time they saw me. well they're gonna get a big fuckin shock aren't they. so that's why i haven't been home in a while. i could send you a pic of a whale to prepare you for waht i look like, but we all know what whales look like and how much fat you can manufacture into substances like.... well like whale fat stuff.

and thats all for now.


At 9:10 am , Anonymous claire said...

lisa, honey, you are NOT a whale! you obviously have no idea how cute you really are. well, maybe not on the netball court, but she totally deserved that. go, lisa!

At 10:18 am , Anonymous jade said...

what claire said.
you should go home. it would be excellent for you! you haven't been for ages. and you can visit jacqui!
ya netball biatch! :)

At 10:22 am , Blogger michelle said...

pumpkin, ditto those other two lovelies.

and if i may throw some new-agey wisdom at you - it's not what's on the outside, it's the personality and the loveliness of a person that counts, and in that department, you're one hell of an ass-kicking mofo.

also, anyone who lines up next to me to do the running man dance is pretty fucking rad, as far as i'm concerned.

At 1:34 pm , Anonymous katrina said...

Ditto. People love you for who you are. Besides, whales are hardly as charismatic, well, except for when the Japanese are after them ;)

At 2:32 pm , Anonymous sean boy said...

stop beating up on yourself girl when are you coming let me knowin advance not call two seconds before you knock on me door me luv you long time friend when i come to melb (1of these days) hook me up with 1 of your hot friends.


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