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Monday, October 09, 2006


that's all i have to say. but first here's a quick haiku for the day ---

i sprained my ankle
pain is just a metaphor
fucking cocksucker

that just about says it all.... oh alright i'll doing a post. so back to the title - read on

WEAK! (my ankle) ive twisted it again. so much fun. so now i have two ankles in one. and after not blogging for a while i've forgotten how to. so its going to be much cursing and boringness about my stupid ankle. i even had a cry while i lay on the couch in pain because i coudln't walk to find the panadol or the phone or some water or anything really, or the antiinflamitories the doc gave me last time. and she told me to stop playing netball because its so bad for your ankles. but i didn't listen. i love netball! i'd hate not to be playing. so... i didn't listen and played (and mind you, i was playing extremely well!!) and then crrrrrrrrrrunch - there goes teh ankle. i thought i was going to vomit it hurt so much and i was in and out of consciousness. isn't this wonderful, everyone? so as i lay my sorry ass on the park bench on the side of the netball court, all i could think of is "Is my future netball "career"?? no we can't call it career..... my future netball .... future! in doubt??" i fucking hope not. so i drove home in pain and some stupid car decided to go and then suddenly stop on an orange light that's (GO and THEN stop - who gives her teh right to change your mind????) and i nearly had an accident. my excuse had i had an accident and smashed into the dumb bitchs car was "i'm in much pain, sprained ankle... can't stop... fuck you you dumb bitch" then i proceeded my sorry ass... or that should be my sorry ankle.... to the supermarket to buy some frozen peas. the pleasant surprise i got when i arrived home (after lugging my swollen-ness up the stairs to my front door) was my bokashi bin had arrived !! yay, doing my bit for the environment and my garden! for those who know not of this bokashi, it's a compost/fermenting bin for inside and will make superduper compost stuff. and it came with a masher! yippee i love mashing! in fact i love mashed potatoes, too. so if you'd like some bokashi juice for your garden, let me know! nice

for a second there, i'd forgotten about the ankle. or just got used to the cold thing on my foot. im not even sure how i'm getting to work tomorrow. let alone play another game of netball tomrorow night. and finals are comign up too. we're so in the grand final!

oooh one not so bad thing i can add is the other weekend my team won the footy go west coast. and even though you can really sense my excitement, i'm not going to rub it in. because i know noone else really likes the eagles. and its not a vic team, so why should they? but i really am very happy. i love the eagles. and noone cares. okay.

oh and i cooked dinner for belinda which i was very excited about. but even more exciting.... lex cleaned up! he even moped the floor. belinda was very impressed (if you weren't, you should be hehe) i hardly noticed after however many wines i had by then. oh - we dont mop very often.

aaaaand i bought a fish. his name's jaffa. i also fixed the vacuum cleaner. and then vacuumed. i've planted some seeds which are sprouting and transplating them. and went to the movies with mel. back on sunrise next week. missed 20 mins of greys anatomy tonight cuz i set the dvd wrong. and left the beers at work in the fridge. missed salon again because of the late shift - will i ever go again?? and that's a rundown of everything else besides my soreness - the ankle (incase you forgot) . and i'm going to stop before my post gets all the more boring

with that, goodnight. as i wallow in sorrow and think of the most sprained-ankle-friendly way of getting to work tomorrow


At 4:01 pm , Blogger Vick said...

Hi Lis! Hope you're feeling better! Had a sprained ankle before and yeah, sympathise with your pain. But well done in getting through to the finals! =)


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