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Monday, November 20, 2006

here's some badness for ya

okay so i havent posted in a while and that's because i forgot my password and user name.

oh so the badness. played netball tonight and there's a chick (her name is brooke and i'm not hesitating putting that in here because i dont give a shit who she is and if she reads it. bring it on)
anyway, she's always saying shit like "watch your passes" because sometimes i throw a bit hard and she can't deal. and so after the last few games of dealing with that shitty shit, i really didn't want to do anything about it... but i did. it took a fuckin lot to say something too. i'm a pretty tolerable kinda person, not often going off my nut at people, specially on the netball court. but there's been the occasional kicking balls at people's heads, smashing umpire in head with ball, etc etc. this time it was just a "Look, please stop saying your comments to me (something like that), i can't deal with it anymore, it's putting me off my game (and then some verbal diarrhea sp...) in fact it's getting to me so much that I dont even want to throw you the ball any more! so please stop!!!! " and there may have been more because i felt like i was up on the peddestal for about 30 seconds and i did start off quiet and calm but when i realised everyone on the court, including umpires, had stopped dead to hear what i had to say to brooke, it did turn into a rather fast diarrhea-like substance.... the words i'm talking about, you know.
and that was it.
i mean, come on, it was about time, right? i mean the captain for the last few weeks has been going "settle, settle" and this time i really felt a lot of ppl were on my side. and i was even the bigger person at the end of the game i went and said something to her ( no way i wanted to apologise) but i just explained why i said it, and that i had to say something because i couldn't put up with those comments any more. and then someone else - can't remember why - butted in and said "probably not the best place to do it - on the court" did she want a slap in the face or wat???

anyway, i'm kinda over it (not really, not even close. these kinds of things i'll stew about for about a week or so, tell everyone i know what happened and how i was feeling at the time, how i felt a day later and how i feel now, so look out, okay) i thought perhaps blogging about it might put me at ease for a little while and then i wont have to say anyting to anyone. even though i'll want to. so sorry if i bring it up again. i realy do want to keep going on and on about it but i'm just going to be repeating myself and so that's enough to bore even the most non-bor-est person.

and after all that we won the game 21-12.


At 10:25 am , Blogger michelle said...

fuck that. you should be allowed to stand up for yourself, no matter where. her telling you what she thinks while you're trying to play probably isn't the best time for that, either.

let's all cheer, ricki lake style: go lisa! go lisa! go lisa!


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